Catching them young

James takes the St.Aloysius after-school class
James takes the St.Aloysius after-school class

Notice posted - April 22 2016

Norham Gardens schools outreach

One of the most important purposes of the Norham Gardens club is to encourage new players. We have therefore been working very hard to introduce the next generation of youngsters to the game.

With the help of parent members we are forging links with local primary schools and have introduced a new schools membership category. This started at St. Aloysius primary school where there are now after-school sessions on Friday afternoons.

Gabriele at New Marston PrimaryGabriele at New Marston Primary

We have also just begun a six-week after-school programme at New Marston Primary. This initiative was made free to the school by the club, but subsequently we were successful in obtaining equipment and some funding from the Lawn Tennis Association via their ‘Davis Cup Legacy’ programme. The first class with 21 children was such a success that 40 children signed up for the second session. We hope to be able to sustain this activity and extend it to other schools.

Potential Wimbledon champions play their warm down game of “sharks”.

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