Make good use of your old tennis balls

No need to send your old tennis balls to landfill. Norham Gardens offers a tennis ball recycling service through Recycaball. You can give balls to committee members, and at club sessions. Balls are accumulated in the purple sack in the ladies pavilion, and then collected by Recycaball. The club receives 20p per ball.

Recycaball can repressurize balls, and donates many to charities. What state can the balls be in? Recycaball says:

“So long as the balls are not very weathered or have damaged nap, or are very discoloured we can accept them. What we mean by this is : for instance, balls have been knocked over the fence and then left out in all weathers for many months, will be very weathered, will have become discoloured and probably the nap will have started to fray off the ball.”

For more information: follow this link to Recycaball.

Summer schedule

Ladies A / Mixed practice
10 am to 11 am
Men’s B / Mixed practice
10 am to 12 noon

Club session - 6.00 pm

Men’s A practice - 6.00 pm

Club session - 6.00 pm

Rusty Rackets - 9.30 am to 11.00 am

Junior coaching - 9 am - 11.30 am

How to find us

We play at the Alexandra Courts in North Oxford.

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