Witney D

Sat 21 Jan - Home

Drew - 4-4

It started off overcast and rather chilly at Alexandra Gardens but the forecast was looking good.

A welcomed return to the squad by Frank C. and Martino B. (returning from injury) supplemented by the regulars Peter W.Y. & Nick F.

No. 1 pair was Peter & Martino and No. 2 Pair was Frank and Nick.

Peter & Martino’s first four games was as much about getting used to each other’s style as it was in sussing out our opponents strengths and weaknesses as indicated by the score of 2 games apiece.

The sun started to shine and Peter and Martino were able to raise their level of play and won the next 10 games in a row to win the first rubber 6-2 and 6-0.

The second rubber saw the winter sun at its best only to be eclipsed by Martino’s elegant style. His baseline forehand returns were glorious to behold and Peter & Martino won another 6 games in a row taking the first set against Witney’s No. 1 pair 6-0. Whilst not quite being able to maintain the momentum of the last 16 games, nonetheless, Peter & Martino were able to close out the final set 6-2.

Frank and Nick had a hard-fought first rubber against Witney’s first pair - Peter and Martino were already pretty much finished with their first rubber in the time it took Frank and Nick to just miss out on the first set on a tiebreak.

The second set was also close, but another disappointing near-miss, Witney taking it 6-4.

On paper, it looked as id Nick & Frank would enjoy an easier second rubber - but matches aren’t played on paper. For whatever reason (perhaps using all the energy in the first rubber!), it was all too easy for the opposition, who took the rubber 6-4 and then an really rather dispiriting 6-0, meaning a draw overall.